Friday, June 10, 2011

Saturday Lecture about MUET

Hello everyone, nice to see you again since the last time I post my feed. I'm now in Selangor Matriculation College. I won't be surprised if you ask me why I'm in the Matriculation program. It is actually a hilarious story cause I'm actually entering the UiTM but that particular university don't have any degree in my diploma which is microbiology. Hence, because of that particular case I went to matrix. Now I'm actually listening to a lecture about MUET. Most of thing happen inside this lecture is boring but since I got my bb torch it won't be boring at all. Hihihi the lecturer is talking about listening examination in MUET. In my opinion listening is the hardest above all the other 3 examination. Oppsss I think thats all for today. I need to do an exercise about this listening exercise.