Journey of Savious Vein

This is a journey of a boy who name Savious Vein. A long with his other three brother Savious Blizz, Drake and Neo. Blizz is the eldest brother in the clan. Their parents were killed by a wicked King that ruled over the dead. Luckily, these four brother however manage to run away from the murder scene. So, it has been Blizz responsibility to take care of his younger brothers. Drake was the second he was the most patience among all of them. While the third is the quiet one which is Neo and the opposite of Neo is Vein. Although vein is the youngest, he is a bright and intelligent one. All of the brother were in search of a mysterious rock which been told to hold a very extraordinary power. So a long their journey the been tired and hunger for food. Hence, they rest inside a dark and cold cave near the river for shelter. Blizz told his brothers that they should be only the outer part of the cave, they been forbidden to go deeper into the dark scary cave. The two most obedient brothers follow the order but the curious little brother wanted some adventure in their journey. So Vein make a move into the deeper part of the cave while ignoring the warning of the obedient brothers. Bringing himself a flaming hot torch into the cave he wonder deeper and deeper. Until something stop him.